About Bill #120428

On May 17, 2012, Philadelphia's City Council passed legislation known as Bill #120428. This legislation requires all buildings in Philadelphia that are 50,000 square feet or larger to be benchmarked and disclose energy and water consumption data.

Any commercial building with indoor floor space of 50,000 square feet or more and all commercial portions of any mixed-use building where a total of at least 50,000 square feet of indoor floor space is devoted to any commercial use is required to comply with the Bill.

The law took effect in 2013, and the previous year's data must be submitted no later than June 30 every year. Buildings that fail to disclose their energy and water data are subject to a $300 fine the first 30 days their data is late, and a $100/day penalty following the initial 30 days. A timeline of the Bill is found below:

End of 2012

Mayor's Office of Sustainability to complete and publish regulations for Bill #120428

January 2013

First notice of compliance will be sent to covered building owners

January - June 2013

Mayor's Office of Sustainability to launch series of information and education sessions and building energy benchmarking support resources

June/July 2013

Portfolio Manager Update

July 2013

Philadelphia Custom Reporting Template Available and start of reporting period

November 25, 2013

First benchmarking reports due for covered buildings

June 30, 2014

Second benchmarking report due, followed by public disclosure

June 30, 2015

Third benchmarking report due

The intent of the bill is to improve transparency of building energy use in commercial real estate. The bill states that the energy data will be publicly posted "in a manner that permits owners and tenants of Covered Buildings, prospective purchasers and lessees, and the public to view and compare energy and water usage among comparable buildings and uses".

This legislation is similar to New York City's Local Law 84 and Washington DC's Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008. Sustainable Solutions Corporation has significant experience assisting property owners to comply with these Energy Disclosure Laws and has been tracking the progress of Bill #120428 from its inception.

For more information regarding Philadelphia energy disclosure in general, go to http://www.phillybuildingbenchmarking.com/.

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